Welcome to the 2024 Season

Happy New Year, and welcome to the 2024 season.

Below is all the essential information you need to be ready to play ice hockey in 2024. 

On this page:

  1. Pre-season, tryouts and team selections start Wednesday, Jan 31st.
  2. Training times, 2024 Year planner and gear requirement.
  3. Registrations, Training Fees and Game fees
  4. Seniors’ tryouts and training structure
  5. Team coaching crew 

1- Pre-season, tryouts, and team selections start Wednesday, Jan 31st.

We will run a 5-week pre-season training for players to get back in shape and tryout for a team starting Wednesday, January 31st.


  1. Jan 31st
  2. Feb 7th
  3. Feb 14th (Players Evaluation Night)
  4. Feb 21st
  5. Feb 28th 

For any team requiring tryouts due to either having too many players or for selecting a second team, a team selection panel, including the coaching staff, will be formed.

Players don’t need to do pre-season training to be selected on a team. However, it is highly recommended, especially if you’re new to the club.

In Week 3, the coaching staff will evaluate players on the ice for the purpose of team selection, player development and goal planning.

Pre-season is a pay-as-you-go and is not included in the season fees.

  • $30* per week – Pay on POS at the door or buy online.
  • Buy 5-week package for $140* (save $10) (non-refundable) – Buy online
  • Those who did the Early Bird scheme are covered for all 5 weeks.
  • Seniors who purchased the Early Bird will be credited for up to 3 weeks as they now only have 2 pre-season weeks per team.     

Each week, all players must check-in their attendance at the door before going on the ice. 

*+ credit card transaction fees


2- Training Times, always on a Wednesday

For pre-season and all team training, the times will be as follows:

  • 7U/9U/11U – 5:15 to 6:15 pm
  • Ice cut (15min)
  • 13U  – 6:30 to 7:30 pm
  • Ice cut (15min)
  • 15U/Women(Foxes) – 7:45 to 8:45 pm
  • Ice cut (15min)
  • 18U/ ECSL (Heat) – 9 to 10 pm
  • Ice cut (15min)
  • 2 Senior teams – 10:15 to 11:15 pm*

*Senior teams will alternate between times, and each team will have at least 2 training sessions per month.

Please review the year calendar for dates.

Gear requirements:

As always, to join in club activity, you need all the gear, and this year, seniors will also need to wear a neck guard. (This rule was always applied to juniors and is now extended to everyone). See the gear requirement list.      

3- Registrations, Training Fees and Game fees

Ice hockey always has 3 types of fees  to consider

  1. Yearly IHA/IHNSW registration
  2. Yearly Training ice fees
  3. Per game fee  

a) Registration is from March 1st to Feb 28th every year. Our 2024 memberships are not open yet, however: 

All returning players or players under a development membership are covered for the pre-season training.

All newcomers who never registered will need a temporary free try-out membership [click here to sign up] before getting on the ice. Once you click the link, simply sign up (if you don’t have an account.

Then, on March 1st 2024, the new registration cycle will open, and everyone on a team will need to register for their new membership. 

The new 2024 membership costs are not out yet, but below is last year’s cost to give you an idea for budgeting:

b) The 2024 training fees (once pre-season is finished) are as follows:

Explaining the breakdown:

The total training fee covers you for all training sessions for the season and is non-refundable.

It works out at ~$20-22 per week, depending on the team, if you attend every week.

Pay-as-you-go is not available for training because ice is the club’s most significant cost and must be shared across all players. 

IHNSW charges each team that has accredited game officials (referee and line officials). Not applicable to all teams.  

Club membership fee enables you to become a member and vote at AGMs. The funds raised from the membership get re-invested into hockey development and club activities.

If you choose to pay by 3 instalments, each instalment will be due on the following dates:

  • March 1st 
  • May 1st
  • July 1st      

c) Game fees are an estimate at this stage since the IHNSW game schedule is not out yet. 

  • Team managers organise and pay rinks on game day.
  • Some teams choose to collect in bulk. 
  • Teams will play around 15-20 games per season.
  • The cost is usually around $20-$25 per game.

4- Seniors tryouts and training structure

This year, our senior teams will have training during the season from 10:15 to 11:15 pm.

Seniors’ pre-season training slots will be as follows:


  1. Jan 31st – For Wolves div1 and Apes div3 current returning players only
  2. Feb 7th – For Pigeons div2 and Hippos div4 current returning players only
  3. Feb 14th – Open tryouts open to any senior aged players looking to join one of our teams or move up a division.
  4. Feb 21st – For Wolves div1 and Apes div3 players only
  5. Feb 28th – For Pigeons div2 and Hippos div4 players only

The open tryout is an opportunity for any players to get selected to join one of our senior teams.

Team management will be present and will be selecting players based on available roster spots.

Once season training starts, it will continue to rotate as above from March 3rd, starting with Wolves Div 1 and Apes Div3 and so on. Please review the year planner for dates.

5- Team coaching crew

Our crews are being assembled as we speak, more will be added to the list but the core is set. 


Game day U7/U9 coach: Ash Moore
U11 Head coach: Scott Epp

Training and assistant coaches:
Ethan Caruso
Tomas Krenek
Petr Kanak
Marek Kapsa
Matt Monaghan


Head Coach: Hugh Deraps

Training and assistant coaches:
Nik Eberhardt
Amanda Sollars
Chip Graf
Scott Gillies
Ethan Caruso
Rory Forester


Training and assistant coaches:

Daniel Dornak
Ethan Caruso


Head Coach: Matt Adams
Manager: Kristen Burton

Arctic Foxes:

Head Coach: Logan Russel
Assistant Coach: Gabe Robledo
Assistant Coach: Craig Zimmerman
Manager: Natalie Caruso

Wolves Div 1

Manager/Coach: Gregor Rozenberg
Manager: Ash Moore

Pigeons Div 2

Manager/Coach: Steven Caruso
Coach: Logan Russell

Apes Div 3

Manager/Coach: Hugh Deraps

Hippos Div 4

Manager/Coach: Logan Russell

Goalie Coaches and Support

Sera Dogramaci
Luka Dimopoulos

Club Coaching Director

Gregor Rozenberg

2024 Seniors Tryouts

Open tryouts – open to any senior-aged (O18yo) players looking to join one of our teams or an existing player looking to move teams up a division.

  1. This Wednesday 14 February- 10:15 to 11:15pm
  2. A maximum of 30 players can participate in the tryouts on a first-in basis.
  3. We have a few spots available on each team of the 4 teams.
  4. Successfully selected players will be invited to join a team immediately after the session by the team selectors.
  5. Registration and pre-payment are required to lock in your spots in the tryouts.
  6. Any other club information about the season itself, team training fees, and league registration is available here.

Registrations to secure your spot, please complete both.

Spring Camp at the Zoo

Stay in top shape and identify areas for improvement this spring, setting the foundation for a stronger performance in the coming year.

Click image to download PDF details

Players/ Goalies must be registered with a club or hold a development junior membership.

For those playing in the Juicebox 2023 league, use the “JUICEBOX” coupon and save $50.

All ice hockey gear is required, including a neck guard, training jersey and socks.

Download the full gear list here.

If you have any other questions, please contact us

2023 Pre-Season – Tryouts – Starts Jan24/25th

Happy New Year, and welcome to the 2023 season of the Ice Zoo Hockey Club.

Our pre-season program is starting soon for all our junior Wolves teams (from 7U to 18U) and our women’s Arctic Foxes team.

Meet your new or returning coaching staff and prepare for the upcoming season.

Note for SENIOR PLAYERS (over 18): Seniors teams are still pending the IHNSW scheduling decision for 2023. They may commence mid-year. We will let you know as soon as we know.  

Pre-Season training is for:

  • Returning players
  • New players wanting to try out for a team


Players must have:

  • Full ice hockey gear – See Gear List
  • A valid 2022 IHNSW/IHA player membership
  • A valid 2022 IHNSW/IHA development membership
  • A valid temporary 15/day Try-out free membership – Signup here


  • Skills development and test stations
  • Small area games
  • Fitness
  • Team selections and preparation

6 Weeks Schedule:

Tuesday Night

  1. Teams: 7U + 9U + 11U
  2. Time: 5:15 to 6:45 pm (Note: Jan 24th, a special time of 5:30 to 7 pm)
  3. Dates:
    • Jan 24th & 31st
    • Feb 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th

Wednesday Night

  1. Teams: 13U + 15U
  2. Time: 6:15 to 7:15 pm
  3. Dates:
    • Jan 25th
    • Feb 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd
    • Mar 1st

Wednesday Night

  1. Teams: 18U + Arctic Foxes (women)
  2. Time: 7:15 to 8:15 pm
  3. Dates:
    • Jan 25th
    • Feb 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd
    • Mar 1st


  • $150 (for all six weeks paid in advance – save $30)
  • $120 (if you use the “early bird” option – save $60) (Existing Club Members) 
  • $30 per week casual

Reserve your spot

We do have a maximum amount of space before the ice gets crowded, so priority will be given to returning players and players who reserve their spots. Walk-ins may be turned back if we are full on the day.

End of Season Presentation

Disco Night End of Year Presentation

Save the Date!

Wednesday 7th December of December | 6-8 pm

All families are welcome from all our teams:

  • Wolves – All junior teams – Mites, Atoms, Squirts, Peewees & Bantam
  • Arctic Foxes – Women
  • Danger Hippos – Senior div 4
  • Sydney Pigeons – Senior div 3
  • The Mighty Apes – Senior div 3

On the Night

  • Team presentations
  • Each player will collect a special commemorative collectible puck.
  • Disco general skate and pizza for all families
  • $15max per family or $5 for coming solo (Pay at the Door in cash)
  • Purchase Drinks ( & other food) from the Ice Zoo bar
  • RSVP with your team managers