Important Club Update

The 2018 Season is one week away and few things need to be in order before we begin.

  1. Team Stuff App for weekly team communications – ACTIVATED
  2. NEW OFF-ICE Training and TIME CHANGE for Squirts and Peewees
  3. Equipment Checklist
  4. Instruction Videos

Please review each point carefully.

Kind regards,

The Club Committee


1- Team Stuff App

An invite to everyone has been sent to your email on record. BUT
It appears that the spam filter is eating a lot of the invites from the system. So below are the direct links to each teams to setup your child’s profile and contacts IF YOU DON”T HAVE THE INVITE IN YOUR SPAM BOX EITHER.
 Please Setup your Profile ASAP

Once in, make sure you complete your Player (Child) profile with their full name and add your contacts and mobile number. You also have the option of adding a second parent and an emergency contact.

Team Managers will be expecting availibilty for your child’s availibilty for training and games to lodged through TeamStuff.

Game Schedule is Loaded

We received the first few games of the season schedule and it is loaded into Teamstuff. Shedule is expected to change a little bit, especially for Atoms so keep an eye on your app.

Download the app

TeamStuff is available on PC browsers but download the APP for Android or iOS to receive change notification and reminders.




2- Training TIME Changes

The Coaching Staff has decided to provide Squirts and Peewees some OFF-ICE training prior to going on the ice on Wednesday. Atoms stay the same 6.30 – 7.30pm.

So the new TIMES for Squirts and Peewee are:6 to 6.45 pm – OFF-ice training (In tracksuits/shorts/t-shirt with runners)
7 – 8 pm – ON-ice training.

NOTE: It may be happening every week after this week, we will manage it on TeamStuff. Also, we understand that some parents may strugle to make the time – no need to stress, this is some extra time activities that kids join when they can. Having OFF-ICE exercises will help speed player development and be beneficial for our teams, since we have a lot of newcomers to the sport.

Another Reason: Squirts and Peewee play full ice games so we will be running a full ice practice game from 7.30pm when Atoms get off the ice.

3- Equipment Checklist

This is a requirement to play IHNSW offical games. Players may be sent off for non compliance.

Player Equipment Required. (Goalies are different)

  1. Approved Helmet with Cage
  2. Hockey Gloves
  3. Throat Protector (aka Neck Guard) IMPORTANT
  4. Elbow Pads
  5. Shin Pads
  6. Shoulder Pads
  7. Mouthguard (recommended but not mandatory)
  8. Hockey Jock or Jill
  9. Jersey (practice jersey)
  10. Hockey Padded Shorts Pants
  11. Hockey Skates
  12. Hockey Socks (practice socks)
  13. Hockey Sticks (Recomend having a spare at games in case of brakage, also
  14. stick must be tape at both ends.)

Nice to have:

  • Hockey Equipment Wheel Bag
  • Water Bottle with STRAW so we don’t waste time by needing to pop the cage
  • open.
  • Extra Laces
  • Moisture wicking Clothing for under the equipment. (It’s better if the equipment does not touch your skin except for the gloves.)
  • Skate Blade Guards
  • Skate Towel


We are expecting our new jerseys and socks to arrive this week… fingers crossed.

4- Instruction Videos

Here is a quick collection of youtube videos demonstrating the rules of the game.

Notes: This video is OK, it’s the best youtube I could find but it need a few corrections. For an offside the faceoff goes to the neutral zone not end-zone like they say. Also, if the puck comes out of the offensive zone all attacking players must come out before the puck can re-enter. A penalty shot is for being fouled from behind while on a breakaway. In out league, we do not have overtime or shootouts unless in the playoffs (finals).



Hybrid Icing



Lot’s of good off-side scenarios

Coaching Announcement

Welcome to the inaugural Ice Zoo Hockey Club Season

We (Committee Members, Rink Owners, Coaches, Managers, Parents and Players) are all excited to be part of building a new and fresh hockey club and can’t wait to get the season on the way and show off our colours.

In this post:

  1. Teams and Registration
  2. Coaches
    a) Training Crew
    b) Team Crew
  3. Goals and Objectives 2018
  4. Coaching Philosophy
  5. Technical Language
  6. Training Update
  7. Resourceful Videos

1- We are the Wolves!

 We are finalising our teams for the upcoming Winter Season this week. If your child is looking to play Squirts, Peewees or Atoms, we may have a few spots available.

2- Coaches

Training Crew

It’s our pleasure to announce our 2018 coaching crew for Wednesday nights training under the leadership group of

Hugues (Hugh) Deraps

  • Coaching Director
  • Born: Montreal, Canada
  • IIHF Level 2 Coach and Official

Hugh has been coaching and officiating hockey in both Canada and Australia since 1999. He ran numerous player development programs in both inline and ice hockey. More recently, he directed the coaching at Canterbury in 2015-16 also running two hockey camps for coaches and player with his mentors Ron Johnson and Terry Morrison from EHS in Vancouver Canada.

John Havey

  • Senior Coach
  • Born: Sydney, Australia
  • IIHF Level 3 Coach

John has been coaching since 2002 and officiating hockey since 2006. His daughter is a key Sydney Sirens player and he has developed numerous Australian players.

Joerg Schmitz

  • Junior Coach and Club President
  • Born: Cologne, Germany
  • IIHF Level 1 Coach in 2018

Joerg is from the hockey central of Germany where he played juniors and he’s bringing his experience into his new coaching career.  

Our supporting coaches

Logan Russell

  • Born: USA
  • IIHF Level 1

Logan is well known around having ran the Meerkats comp for the players in development as well as other development league and training sessions. He is a key experienced asset for the club.  

Ashley Moore

  • Born: Australia  
  • IIHF Level 1 Coach in 2018

From the love of the game, Ashley decided to volunteer and become a hockey coach this year. He is a student of the game with a great attitude towards coaching. He will learn a lot from our senior coaches and help us at delivering a great experience for the players.

 Orion Lynch

  • Born: Australia

Orion is a junior player wanting to give back to the sport by helping younger players develop their hockey skills. He also, will learn a lot from our senior coaches and help us at delivering a great experience for the players.

Team Crew

Peewee Team


  • Head Coach: John Harvey
  • Assistant Coach: Joerg Schmitz
  • Assistant Coach: Hugh Deraps
  • Assistant Coach: Logan Russell

Manager(s) :

  • Craig Zimmerman
  • Sam Rowe

Squirts Team


  • Head Coach: Joerg Schmitz
  • Assistant(s) to be confirmed


  • Christine Kelly

Atoms Team


  • Head Coach: Hugh Deraps
  • Assistant Coach: Ashley Moore


  • Megan Schmitz

3 – Goals and Objectives for 2018

  • Fun
  • Skill development
  • Game management (Preparation, rules, expectations and executions)

Hockey is fun and learning hockey should be fun as well and that is our primary focus. As much as winning games is fun, skill development is more important. Winning will always be a by-product of good and sound skills of the game.

As mentioned before, intensity and exercise is important but a foundation needs to be attain otherwise you are just reiterating bad habits.

We are following the EHS training program develop by Ron Johnson (Masters Degree in biomechanics for hockey).

Our challenge as coaches this year is to bring up to speed the players that are just starting out while challenging the more experienced players and encouraging them to become good leaders.

4- Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is not just about exercise and skill, it’s also about life, respect and attitude. Attitude being the most important aspect, without a good attitude, one can’t teach, or learn, or grow and or perform at their best.

Fun, free time, pucks, shooting around, drills, games etc all have a time, a place and a purpose that must be carefully crafted together to achieve our goals

  • Life skills
  • Respect
  • Good attitude
  • Fun

5- Language   –   DID YOU KNOW?

Most of the balance and puck control skills we teach can be praticed at home?

Yes most of the exercise we do on the ice beside the actual skating can be re-created off the ice. We encourage all players to continue practicing at home.

Here is some of the language you will hear a lot at the rink that you should memorise and use when practicing.

  • Grip, pinky off or pinky grip (Top Hand)
  • Ok grip (Bottom Measure Hand)
  • Hands in Front with Top Hand’s Elbow up
  • Knee up, toe down
  • Inside or outside edge
  • Sculling and dribbling
  • Wide feat (Puck Protection)
  • Top hand, bottom hand
  • Top hand heavy Concept

Please refer to the glossary of terms attached for reference.

Why is language important?

Any teaching, skill set or industry, always has a specific language to use to facilitate understanding and maximise learning efficiencies.

6- Training Update

This week is the last Pre-Season training which will go as normal.

Our official team training will commence on Wed March 7th 2018 and will be limited to only the players committed and registered with the club.

From March 7th the times will be:

  • Atoms and Squirts 6.30 – 7.30pm
  • Peewee 7 – 8pm 

7- Resourceful Videos

Video Presentation on Basic Offensive and Defensive Tactics

Skating test that we are striving for. Hopefully all our players will be capable of doing by end of season.



First Day of Hockey Season

Welcome to the inaugural season of the new Ice Zoo Hockey Club. Season is set to start in mid March so we have prepared four training sessions to enable us to select our teams for the 2018 IHNSW season. Priority for selection will be given to newcomers to the sport who have been coming to our development sessions. Furthermore, all training sessions are open to anyone wishing to get extra training at Ice Zoo.

More information will be posted and sent out once we know more about season fees and schedule.


  • Session 1 – Feb 7th
  • Session 2 – Feb 14th
  • Session 3 – Feb 21st
  • Session 4 – Feb 28th
  1. Atoms: 6:30 – 7:30pm
  2. Squirts: 7:00 – 8:00pm
  3. Peewees: 7:30 – 8:30 pm


All four sessions $80 (Save $20) Payable at first session.
or $25 per individual session.


  • Open to any player of Atoms, Squirts and Pee Wees age bracket.
    Atoms (born in 2009 or 2010), Squirts (2007 or 2008) & Pee Wees (2005 or 2006).
  • Players must wear full proper ice hockey equipment
    (Helmet with cage, shoulder, elbow and knee pads, gloves, skates and stick.)

New Beginnings

Welcome to the future page of the Ice Zoo Hockey Club. We are in the process of building this page and add all the relevant information. Stay Tuned, we hope to have everything ready in the next few weeks.


The new Committee